2020…Anyone But The Duck! ™

Bumper Stickers

A bumper sticker provided by a 2020 campaign novelty merchandise store

 2020…Anyone but the duck! Make your vote count or make a statement of choice. Your car is sure to be a stand-out with Eristan’s election patriotic bumper stickers, for use indoor or outdoor.

Hang Tags and Magnets

Eristan LLC

 2020 election is almost here! Show your pride when you support your candidate of choice as you dazzle and dangle the true-blue Eristan hang tag from your favorite automobile’s rear-view mirror or use as a bookmark! 

Cool Comfort Ottoflex Caps


 Make a bold and fashion presentation, look cool  everywhere you go with Eristan’s  Ottoflex fit 2020 election cap.

Take a stand for change with just the right shade of patriotic  blue.